Company Profile

PT. Hineko Citra Madani, or more easily called with HINEKO. Is a company that has a spirit for creatives and growing in the Environmental Problem Solution, especially on the fields of :
  •  Clean Water Treatment Technologies,
  • Waste Water Treatment Technologies,
  • Air Pollution Control & Odor Management.
Being committed to each of our activities to be as professional young partners, have the ability to compete, and promote honesty in maintaining Client trust for long life business activities.

1.     Being a company that upholds business ethics by promoting reliable service.
2.     Being a trusted company to meet the client demands
3.  Being a good place to accommodate the human resources who have the potential to make changes for better directions toward the company's future.

1.     Collaborate with the best companies for delivering Products & Technologies to solve the problems.
2.   Actively making efforts for improving the quality of environmental health by providing design services and supply in these sectors.
3. Providing products that have economic value in the concept of environmental preservation


Step 1st

Collecting the data and information is needed to design the system process, calculating the capacity and land requirements used by the WWTP System
Data Collecting

Step 2nd

Accuracy of data and information from the client is needed to avoid fault in the system design process, equipment specification fault, land area requirement fault, and etc.,
Data Analysis

Step 3rd

Technical Proposal and Executive Summary as Price Quotation is doing as soon as possible for providing your satisfaction.
Proposal Submission

Step 4th

Price finalization we offer, as a Purchase Orders or Work Orders from our clients, is an important thing that we highly to pay attention